Friday, September 16, 2016

Free books

Have you seen the word DISCARD stamped in a library book? Students have an opportunity to choose a "free book" during their library visit. The free books could be donations to the library that we did not have room for in our collection or books that we no longer have room to house as we add to our library shelves. The former library books will have the word DISCARD stamped inside. As well as a line across the UMS barcode on the back cover. The free books are taken home and do not need to be returned. If your family is done with the book, feel free to pass it along to others.

Another location that houses "free books" is the Little Library on our playground. Anyone is welcome to choose a book from there to enjoy. You may keep it, pass it along to someone, or add new free books  to the Little Library.

Hope you all enjoy a good read,
Ms. Hebert

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