Wednesday, December 21, 2016

If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen

What features would you want to see in a car? What would you want that car to look like? 
In the story, If I Built a Car, Jack has some big dreams to include in his creation! 

Our students have been creating their own vehicles using a lot of imagination! They brought them home on their library day. Be sure to check them out! 

I hope you all enjoy your winter vacation and I will see you in 2017!
Ms. Hebert

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Reading is an Investment
The Reading is an Investment program is brought to us from our State Treasurer’s office. The program uses literature to help talk about being responsible with money.  The program takes a two-prong approach to promoting financial literacy -- class or library instruction and personal reading.
So far this year, we have read stories and then discussed; saving money toward a goal, how we spend money, how we make money, and making big decisions such as; if we could use money to help someone else.
treasurer seal.png
You will soon see a reading log coming home with your child. If you choose to complete the log and mail it to the State Treasurer’s Office by March 15, 2017, then your child has a chance to win a $250 college savings account! The reading requirements include 3 titles that have to do with money which are being read during their library time! You will see inside their log is a sticker with the titles already read.

Happy reading,

Lynn Hebert & Mary Ann Barnes

Our Kinder and first graders have been learning about QR codes!
qrcode.37415614.pngWhat is a QR code? How can it be useful?
We have QR codes posted around our library which can provide more information about a topic or book. QR codes are used often in books, advertising, and now education. Our students are taking turns using an app on our iPads to scan QR codes and explore where they take you. We have talked about QR codes being shortcuts to information. We learned about book trailers, which are mini movies about a book that help you think about if you might want to read that book.

Can you think of a place you may have seen a QR code recently?  
Happy scanning!

Lynn Hebert & Mary Ann Barnes

Our second graders are learning how to use our library catalog system!


Ever wonder if our library owns a certain title? Is that title here now?
Our Follett Destiny library catalog is able to share that information with a few keystrokes!
We learned how to locate the catalog and create a bookmark which allows a shortcut right to the library catalog when they login to their school google account. We practiced title, author, subject, series, and keyword searches. We also introduced the understanding of call numbers being the book’s address. We talked about the different sections in our library and what a call number starts with leads to that section. All of the Colchester school libraries use the Follett Destiny system so this knowledge will help them in their future student career as well!

Happy reading,

Lynn Hebert & Mary Ann Barnes