Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Daniel Finds a Poem

Another Red Clover book that the students have begun to enjoy is:

Daniel asks all of his friends that live in nature about poetry. He receives a different answer each time. This is a charming tale that is exciting for the eye due to the collage style illustrations. 

We challenged the students to explore collage after reading about Daniel. 
Our Kindergarten students worked on collages with the first letter of their first names.


Our first graders explored collage and squirrels.


Our second graders used color to create a collage effect with autumn leaves and owls.




Our students read another of our Red Clover books for the year, Otters Love to Play. We learned about the North American River Otter. After reading our book,

we watched river otters on a zoo cam from Tennessee and sea otters from Seattle and Monterey Bay. The students also showed their learning by creating pictures to answer questions about the river otter. Here are a couple of examples:

Randy Riley inspired inventions!

After reading about Randy and his invention saving his hometown, we created our own inventions that could help the world. Here are a few: